Animal Essentials NEW Ocean Omega 3


For healthy skin and coat. Ocean Omega Supreme is a premium quality Omega 3 fatty acid supplement for dogs and cats, made only with the very best wild harvested Alaskan salmon and Menhaden fish oils and preserved with vitamin E (tocopherols). Higher in EPA and DHA than straight salmon oil! Made entirely in the USA. Tested for heavy metals and other impurities. The very best! Your companion’s coat will glow! Most omega 3 fatty acid supplements are comprised of one type of fish oil— either cold-pressed salmon oil (preferably wild caught) or heat-processed fish oils, most of which are derived from a combination of fishes— like sardines, mackerels or anchovies. There are many motivated arguments about which is best, but the truth really boils down to quality, purity, EPA/DHA content, and which choice works best for the individual.

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