IMG_3168~2[1] Pet shadow is an online pet store built by a group of dedicated canine    lovers who experienced the need for an easy but yet reliable method of  purchasing quality products and accessories for their beloved canine  friends in real time, without having to leave their other responsibilities  due to their busy schedules, but still knowing that they get the best value  for their money, and that their products are from the best sources and are  also in safe and reliable hands.

Pet shadow was initially started for the purpose of catering for canine  needs, but was later extended to all pet needs as the need arose and pet shadow has since been the most effective and reliable online pet store as it boasts of quality products, money back guarantee, real time delivery, and everything your pet store requires.

In order to solve the problem of people having to pay huge amounts of money to purchase a quality pet and then get a below standard pet, pet shadow decided to collaborate with the best registered pet breeders around the world and introduced the sale of live pets, and we can now boast of delivering the best pets you can ever get as all live pets go through a series of inspections and vaccinations in order to make sure that they are in good condition before leaving for their new homes.

Pet shadow is here to make your experience as a pet owner an easy and enjoyable one, and we would continue to improve on serving you better.